Conference chair: Petr Koubský, Editor for Science and Technology, Deník N

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Summary of threats or what has recently been investigated

Ondřej Kapr, Police Councillor, Office of Criminal Police Services and Investigations - Department of Economic Crime, Policejního prezidia ČR

Current threats in the field of cybercrime from the perspective of the Police of the Czech Republic. In particular, the speech will deal with so-called other crimes committed in cyberspace, where human factor is the greatest threat. Manifestations of social engineering like phishing, vishing, smishing, CEO and BEC attacks, investment scams .... what are the possible ways out on the side of the police?

Professional "killer" standing against your company / the background of hacker groups

Daniel Hejda, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers
Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

The lecture is based on an own research on how hacker groups work, what motivates them and why it is good to know your enemy. It will touch topics such as the fee for ransomware attacks and what are the most common procedures of attackers. Of course, everything does not revolve just around ransomware, but you should also be interested in other types of attacks, when it is not easy to track down and catch the attacker. What does the preparatory phase of an attack look like and why it is important to know what the Internet "knows" about you and your business.

Anatomy of an attack – or what happens on the other side

Radek Šichtanc, Director of the Security Depertment, O2

The attack has already taken place. What happens in the first hours and what in the following days after its revelation? What is the correct reaction and which steps to (not) forget? You will learn how to prepare for the individual phases of an attack, as well as how to approach the protection against cyber threats overall. And how to build this protection and then verify its effectiveness. All this in maximal practical way.

What you want to know and do not want to experience - examples of when it turns out badly

Radek Beneš, Expert in IT and Cybercrime

Who would not like to listen to interesting stories from his profession, pity others believing that something similar could not happen to you. Nothing reassures you more than the feeling that elsewhere it is worse. However, this is not the purpose of this contribution of the forensic ICT expert. His ambition is to bring you closer to real judicial, administrative or criminal proceedings so that you can look deep into this practice even without the need for your own experience. Into the practice with which you want to get acquainted only vicariously. And it is then only up to you to assess whether only elsewhere it is worse 😊

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Exchange of views over coffee/tea and snacks

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A week under cyber attack in the role of CIO

Pavel Srnka, CTO, ANECT
Miloslav Lujka, Country Manager Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary, Check Point

On Monday morning, you think you know what is really threatening and present it nicely.
On Tuesday, you will find that this is not true, because a completely new attack has appeared.
On Wednesday, you explain to the board how you are prepared for an unknown attack and what impact it will have.
On Thursday in full operation, you patch.
On Friday, you believe the patch helped and you add up the damage.
On Saturday you prepare the explanation for Monday board meeting that this is not going to happen again.
On Sunday, while you rest, the dark side prepares another zero day attack.

Close encounter with hackers

Miroslav Holý, Quality Systems Manager, ELBA

In April 2021, our company with 350 employees became a target of hackers. The entire computer network, including all information systems, has stopped. It was just before the payout day, and all the technical documentation for all the products was gone. We will share with you our own, very close experience of how difficult it was (emotionally, time consuming and financially) to deal with the whole situation.

Security is (not) only an illusion

Lukáš Svozil, consultant in the field of OT in production, NTT Czech Republic

The year is 2022 and you are scared from all sides. Hackers lurk around the corner; as soon as you put the computer to sleep, the cryptocurrency miners rush in, and your production secrets are constantly just a step away from disclosure. Only miracle software from XY will save you... The bad news is that it's not that easy. The good one is: we can think together about what a comprehensive business cybersecurity entails and share tips on how to do it. And (almost) without scaring.

Not being a threat to yourself with XDR

Dalibor Kačmář, Technology Director, Microsoft Česká republika a Slovensko

Each organization has an arsenal of security technologies, some smaller, some larger ones. But is this arsenal modern enough for modern threats? Are we really using it in such a ways that we are not a real threat to ourselves at the end of the day? In this block, we will show the beauty and magic of the XDR solution, which will guide you not only through the world of protection or detection, but also through often neglected prevention or investigation. Get to know Microsoft 365 Defender.

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Business Lunch and Networking

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The composition of the discussion panel will give us a chance to understand the issue of cyber security from all angles. WHAT do you want to protect? WHY do you want to protect it and what threatens you if you don't? To decide HOW to protect yourself, you need to know what to protect yourself from. This open discussion will help you get into more detail understanding how to do it right.

Moderator: Michal Horáček, Customer Program Manager, Microsoft

RED Team:
Martin Haller, CEO, Patron IT
Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

BLUE Team:
Petr Kocmich, Senior Security Architect, ANECT
Jiří Sedlák, Security Surveillance Center Manager, O2

Radek Beneš, forensic expert in the field of IT and cybercrime
Jindřich Kalíšek, lawyer and mediator


Networking and cocktail

Don't rush home! We will be glad if you stay for a while to exchange impressions with your colleagues and taste a glass of wine or snacks.


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