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Part A

Daniel Stach, Česká televize

Steps of an Attacker for Complete Destruction of an Organization

Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers
Daniel Hejda, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

We have selected the most common steps that an attacker will perform in your organization before encrypting your entire environment. This will help you discover how to detect them before it's too late.

Current Information on Fraudulent Activities in Cyberspace from the Perspective of Police of the Czech Republic

Ondřej Kapr, Police Councillor, Office of Criminal Police Services and Investigations - Department of Economic Crime, Policejní prezidium ČR

Presentation of the current threats in the area of fraudulent activities in cyberspace, considering the investigation of this type of crime. What is the expected development, prevention, and other possible solutions from the perspective of the Police of the Czech Republic.

How AI is Changing the Face of Cybercrime

Martin Haller, CEO, Patron IT

AI is a tool and it depends on its user whether it will be used for doing good or evil. Through examples, I will demonstrate how far criminals have gone in adopting it. For effective defense, it is necessary to know the tactics and possibilities of the enemy.

DDoS Attacks: A Challenge for Cybersecurity and Our Response

Radek Šichtanc, Director of the Security Depertment, O2

We will focus on the issue of DDoS attacks, which represent a serious threat to companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors. We will show how DDoS attacks are evolving and increasing in intensity and sophistication, and what their impacts are on our business and customers. We will present our experience and solutions for detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks with the aim of supporting the discussion on how to face and prevent these attacks in the future.

How to defend against modern ransomware: simplicity works

Jakub Souček, Malware Researcher, Eset

Since the emergence of the RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) model, the world of ransomware has changed dynamically. The fact that one ransomware can be spread by hundreds of different gangs makes it difficult to keep up. In the lecture, we will share years of experience in investigating attacks and researching in the field of ransomware. We will show how modern attacks proceed, how attackers access their targets, and that security can be simpler than you think.

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Coffee break

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Part B

Daniel Stach, Česká televize

Survival Story – What Doesn’t 'Kill You' (Turn Off), Strengthens You

Martin Dvořák, Managing Director, Bizerba Czech & Slovakia

A raw and unvarnished description of our company's nightmare – a cyber attack that forced us to shut down all IT systems for a grueling three months. It's not just a story; it's a testimony of resilience and learning during our battle to emerge stronger (more resilient).

Threats and Risks in Modern Applications, in Cloud and Container Environments

Ivan Svoboda, Senior Security Advisor, ANECT
Miloslav Lujka, Country Manager Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary, Check Point

The development and operation of modern applications in containers, in the cloud environment 'at home' on-premise, or anywhere in public clouds, brings new types of cyber risks and new approaches to their resolution. What is the spectrum of threats, from the application development phase to its operation?

The Rise of vCISO: How Managed Security Services Address the Cyber Crisis. Case Study Xeek/P3 Logistic Parks

Tereza Kulhánková, obchodní ředitelka, Xeek
Jan Celba, vCiso, Xeek
Jiří Maňas, CTO, P3 Logistic Parks

Xeek, a leader in managed security services, presents a case study on its successful partnership with P3Parks. Emphasizing the innovative role of virtual CISOs (vCISOs), it demonstrates P3Parks' journey in utilizing managed security services, highlighting the obstacles encountered and their solutions.

Corporate Information and Documents in (In)security

Jan Sedláček, předseda představenstva, Digital Resources
Jakub Kiml, senior konzultant, Digital Resources

Are you really safe? We will demonstrate how systems like M-Files can raise the quality of your security to a higher level. We will focus on two areas: information security management (ISMS) and corporate content management. Through the example of a security incident, you will see how to proactively manage processes associated with information security within an organization and comply with guidelines such as ISO/IEC 27001/27002. Let's make it more complicated for potential attackers!

RancomCare – When Everything Else Fails

Radek Nebeský, Cyber Security Consultant, RICOH Czech Republic

We will introduce RICOH RansomCare - a solution to prevent the spread of ransomware, which serves as the last line of defense against cyber attacks, supplementing an organization's existing security solutions. Within seconds of the initiation of illegal file encryption, it triggers an alarm, isolates the affected devices, and denies user access to the network or cloud. This stops ransomware at its inception and prevents disruption of the entire network.

How to (Not) Get Trained

Jan Lát, CFO and Vice-Chairman of the Board, Beneš a Lát

From today's perspective, the unsolicited training of the IT team and the entire company for 2.4 BTC really paid off. It showed us where we had weaknesses in security measures and what to focus on more in the future in terms of IT security.

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14:30 - 16:00

#NIS2, #Cyber, #shopping, #AI and few other buzzwords! - panel disscusion

Michal Horáček, Cloud Solution Specialist, Microsoft

In the panel discussion, leading cybersecurity experts will focus on several key topics. The main discussion point will be the role of artificial intelligence in cyber security and the question whether AI can become a key tool in the fight against cyber threats. We will take a look at our suppliers' security measures and how they affect the protection of our business. We will discuss whether it is safe to buy anything as a service. And finally, we'll talk about NIS2 and how it will change the way we look at security.

Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

Daniel Hejda, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

Jiří Sedlák, Manager of the Security Monitoring Center, O2

Adam Škarka, lawyer

16:00 - 17:30


Reflection of the conference day in good company and with something tasty to eat and drink.