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Petr Koubský, redaktor pro vědu a techniku, Deník N

How to learn from hacking attacks

Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers
Daniel Hejda, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

This year and last year, very interesting organizations have become targets for hackers. In our lecture, we will look not only at attacks on international organizations, but also on selected companies from the Czech Republic. Let's learn together from the tactics and techniques of attackers on specific cases.  Let's think about how we could defend ourselves.

Is it really you? How technology helps to detect fraudsters

Radek Šichtanc, Director of the Security Depertment, O2

Fighting cybercriminals is a long-term venture. Only those who learn to anticipate potential attacks and effectively prevent them can succeed in it. We want to help you understand some of the specifics of cyber attacks, with which especially recently we have a lot of experience. We will show you what helped us to face them effectively. We will focus mainly on the fraud practices of attackers and how modern technologies help to detect fraud in digital channels. Whether it's artificial intelligence or behavioral and voice biometrics.

Information protection and management is the cornerstone of any digital organization

Martin Vogel, Manager, Solutions Consulting CEE, OpenText

A modern organization needs to protect information from loss and misuse, along with a user-friendly environment and efficient processes. OpenText offers modern ECM and EIM solutions, together with security and efficient management of unstructured and structured data without compromise.

The most frequent methods of attacks and their investigation by the Police of the Czech Republic

Richard Valiček, vedoucí oddělení kybernetické kriminality, Policie ČR

We will focus on the summary of the most common types of cybercrime attacks. How is the digital evidence secured and evaluated? What are the most common mistakes made by users of ICT technologies? We will show you how to behave after an incident so that the digital evidence is not distorted and can be used by the Police of the Czech Republic.

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Petr Koubský, redaktor pro vědu a techniku, Deník N

Cybersecurity for SMEs - best practices

Veronika Krajčovičová, CEO, bugino

We will show you what is the reality and compliance with "best practices" in small and medium-sized enterprises. Will we look at what products we use and if they are available for this segment and what challenges do we face in setting safety standards

Safety testing design

Petr Dušek, specialista kybernetické bezpečnosti, NAKIT

Every security test should be based on maximum understanding of the customer and testing in cooperation with the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the individual types of safety tests, their importance, potential benefits, effectiveness, but also the related risks, and to create an optimal design of the safety test. In connection with the Cyber Security Decree, penetration testing and vulnerability testing are well known. But are these the only possible safety tests? How far do such tests take place in practice and how should they or should not take place? And how do we look at this issue in connection with the establishment of the Government Surveillance Centre?

Legal challenges of cybersecurity - NIS 2 is coming

Adam Škarka, advokát, SEDLAKOVA LEGAL

The new EU cybersecurity regulation will challenge many actors, both in the public and private sectors. Adam Škarka will guide you through the new regulation and explain what is changing. NIS 2 is here. Be prepared for this challenge.

BEC - When your accountant sends several hundred thousand to the wrong account

Martin Haller, CEO, Patron IT

There is probably no one who would not have received a fake invoice to pay by e-mail. However, these Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) scams and the attackers behind them can be much more creative. We have a few stories from life and inspiration for what to do with it.

The Ten Immutable Laws of Cyber ​​Security

Jan Pilař, Senior Cybersecurity Technology Specialist, Microsoft
13:30 - 14:30

Business Lunch and Networking

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Lukáš Okál, Security Lead, Microsoft

A hacker, a security guard, a policeman and a lawyer at one table...

Red Team:

Jan Marek, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

Daniel Hejda, ethical hacker, Cyber Rangers

Blue Team:

Jiří Sedlák, Manager of the Security Surveillance Centre, O2

Jan Vala, Lead Value Engineer, OpenText

Legal Team:

Richard Valiček, Head of Cybercrime Unit, Police of the Czech Republic

Jindřich Kalíšek, Lawyer and mediator


Networking and cocktail

Don't rush home! We will be glad if you stay for a while to exchange impressions with your colleagues and taste a glass of wine or snacks.