What is CIO Agenda?

CIO Agenda is a professional platform not only for IT executives but also for other top managers. It is a  meeting that brings the best examples of effective collaboration of IT and other divisions to support a successful and safe company operations. It is an opportunity for all business thinking managers who perceive the need for better communication between IT and other departments of companies / institutions.

About event

What is it about in 2024?

Are you ready for the cyber threats of tomorrow?

It's not a question of if, but when. Are you prepared for your company to become a target for hackers? Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, whose complexity and importance are constantly increasing. And since attackers are always one step ahead, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest threats and measures in the field of cyber security. CIO Agenda will focus on current news, especially on how cyber security will be affected by the use of AI. Experts in the field will provide valuable information and show the tools you need to protect your business and to keep your company and its systems, including finances, safe . The event is for anyone who wants not only to be prepared for current threats but also for those that are not yet known. Don't wait for the worst to happen. Get engaged in a proactive protection of your digital world.

Who is it for?

A conference not only for the CIOs, but also for other top management members who are responsible for the company operation.