What is CIO Agenda?

CIO Agenda is a professional platform not only for IT executives but also for other top managers. It is a  meeting that brings the best examples of effective collaboration of IT and other divisions to support a successful and safe company operations. It is an opportunity for all business thinking managers who perceive the need for better communication between IT and other departments  of companies / institutions.

About event

What is it about in 2023?

Cyber (in)security: Not to be afraid and not to get robbed!

Although it is really healthy to worry, especially when it comes to cybersecurity,. Safety is not a state, but an ongoing process. As the attackers are always one step ahead, this year we will focus on current threats, show what attacks has recently taken place and what were the weak points that hackers exploited. We will focus on tips how to proceed in dealing with security incidents. We will introduce novelties in the world of cyber security and what to watch out for. Come and learn what can help in your daily battle to keep your business and its systems safe. Don't let yourself be robbed of peace, good reputation, data or money!

Who is it for?

A conference not only for the CIOs, but also for other  members of the top management that are responsible for the company operations.