What is CIO Agenda?

CIO Agenda is a professional platform not only for IT executives but also for top managers. It is a meeting that brings the best examples of effective collaboration of IT and other divisions to support a successful and safe running of a company. It is an opportunity for all who want the best for their business and perceive the need for better communication between IT and other parts of companies / institutions.

About event

What will it be about in 2022?


Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, not a state. That is why this year's CIO Agenda program will focus on how to prepare systems, applications and their users, including management for known and unknown critical situations. We will focus on current threats, on tips how to proceed with the solution of security incidents, in order to prevent not only financial losses, but also a possible decrease in client trust and damage to the company reputation. Last but not least, we will show what legal consequences we can face if we do it wrong. Leading experts and practitioners will share their arguments and experience, and as in the previous year, a number of participants will undoubtedly get involved in the discussion, too. You may belong to them. :)

Who is it for?

The Conference is not only for the CIO, but also for other Top management members, who are responsible for the company performance.