What is CIO Agenda?

CIO Agenda is a professional platform not only for IT executives but also for other top managers. It is a meeting that brings the best examples of effective collaboration of IT and other divisions to support a successful and safe running of a company. It is an opportunity for everyone wanting the best for their business and perceive the need for better communication between IT and other departments of companies / institutions.

What will the year 2019 be about?

  • Cyber Security is one of the key factors for the smooth companies operation. The annual losses caused by cyber crime reach billions of dollars, and that are just the ones reported. It is necessary to keep up with the attackers, in order to minimize not only the risk of the loss of data, but also of the good brand reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Building a security culture is not a prime concern of just the CIO, but especially of the TOP management, because the ultimate responsibility for the company operation and hence for business continuity is in the hands of the senior management. So, what to do to prevent the end of your "game"?
  • The conference program will offer a practical experience, how to manage risks and reduce the potential disruption of business processes. And if it occurs, it is good to know how to effectively limit the period of outages and their negative impact on the organization performance.

Who is it for?

The Conference is not only for the CIO, but also for other Top management members, who are responsible for the company performance.