What is CIO Agenda?

CIO Agenda is a professional platform not only for IT executives but also for other top managers. It is a meeting that brings the best examples of effective collaboration of IT and other divisions to support a successful and safe running of a company. It is an opportunity for everyone wanting the best for their business and perceive the need for better communication between IT and other departments of companies / institutions.

What will the year 2020 be about?


The events of the last several months have shown the importance of IT departments and their readiness. Companies were forced to move their systems and applications from offices to their home environment almost overnight and overcome the associated risks. The IT departments have found themselves not only under enemy fire from hackers, but also under friendly fire (from their own ranks) at the same time. The pressure that the IT departments have had to face, not only due to the increased frequency of cyber-attacks, but also from colleagues – users, has been enormous. Together with a number of experts at the CIO Agenda 2020 conference, we will look for answers on how to have our systems and applications, users and management prepared for critical situations, with regard to costs.

Who is it for?

The Conference is not only for the CIO, but also for other Top management members, who are responsible for the company performance.